First, create an account and Sign Up for lifeloot. After that, you can proceed to buy coins to enter tournaments.

Now, you can add the game of your liking, just by choosing your platform (if you’re on PC) and typing in your in-game username.

Below each game, you can see all the tournaments that are available for it. Select one and enter the tournament.

Now, play as good as you can! Please keep in mind that tournaments have specific game modes, like “wins” or “kills”, where the score is determined by the amount of “wins” or “kills” players achieve in the specified time frame.

Please message us in our discord in the bugs/ errors area. We will try to resolve your issue ASAP!

Please message us in our discord! We're really thankful for suggestions on making the website a better experience for you.

After a tournament is finished, the tournament has to be validated, which might take a while. After the validation, the tournament will be unlocked and every player gets their hard-earned coins.

Here is a quick overview of all supported games.

Please message us on discord if your payment method isn't available through stripe.

Depends on which game you play. If you play any type of Call of Duty, every match is counted after the start of the tournament . If you play Overwatch, every match only after joining is counted. We might unify this behavior in the future for every game.